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    The way a wine tastes, its “nose” or bouquet, its appearance and mouth feel depends on one thing – terroir. The term which comes from the French word terre (land) is what makes a wine what it is, and in a sense is the term used to explain the place and conditions in which a particular grape was raised: the soil, climate, terrain, and even surrounding microflora all contribute to create a unique terroir.

    Like all wine, Lebanese wine made from grapes grown in different regions of the country display different characteristics. Here’s a glimpse into the four main wine-producing regions of Lebanon.

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  • 209 lebanese wine

    Lebanon has a winemaking history, from the temple of Bacchus in Ba’albek to the vast fields of green vineyards all across the Bekaa Valley and its rich terroir and micro-climates. 209 Lebanese Wine is the first online platform dedicated to Lebanese wine.

    They bring together a community of Lebanese wine lovers. You can discover Lebanese wines, appreciate which is suitable for you, and benefit from exclusive promotions.

    You will also be able to find a selection of almost every available Lebanese wine, buy a wide selection and have them delivered at your door. If you’re feeling uncertain, you can use the online search and recommendation engine to help guide your choices based on your needs.

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  • 209 lebanese wine

    209 Lebanese Wine (, a Lebanese wine advisory and shopping platform, has kicked off its operations. The website will be up and running before the end of September 2016.

    The company is founded by Selim Yasmine, former marketing manager for Majid Al Futtaim in Lebanon. Yasmine, a certified wine connoisseur, was involved in launch of Vintage wine cellar and helped establish the Domaine Wardy and Chateau St Thomas brands as household names.

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