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  • Akra

    Our Tripoli street tour started at Akra, a renowned foul and hummus place known as ‘the cave’. In the heart of the old souk, a few meters away from the clock, Akra is a wonderful place and I'm happy we came here. Foul, hommos madkouk, foul bi thini, hommos lahme, malizia and fatteh, everything is prepared without garlic unless you ask.
    In this old setup, very much like a cave, different rooms welcome people as soon as the sun rises in the morning. Stone arcades, metal works, windows and old utensils decorate the walls. The only modern thing in there was the LCD TV displaying photos of the old souk. An army of women worked hard to satisfy all the guests while two men, one handling the cash and kitchen and the other touring around the tables, make sure the quality remains as high as possible. What struck me here was the cleanliness and calm. Come through the door and you'll feel like you’re sitting somewhere away from the chaos of Tripoli and the busy streets outside.


    By: no garlic no onion