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    wo times already and I don’t seem to be getting enough of LVD’s fine American breakfast. Two times when I have enjoyed a full breakfast menu including their choices of eggs, pancakes, waffles and surely their tasty freshly brewed coffee.


    By: no garlic no onion
  • LVD

    It’s always nice to start the day in style, the American way, enjoying a hefty breakfast, getting a boost for the day ahead. Craving an American-style breakfast? That little dream can be realized by visiting The Latest Version Diner, down on the Dbayeh seaside road. Visiting for my second time, the food was simply great and I enjoyed the perfect start to the day.

    This typical American diner serves breakfast from 7am until 11am. On the menu are three choices of sweet items and three savory items. We got there at 8am to a place that wasn’t ready to welcome us and many items were missing from the menu. The dining room was not even ready to welcome anyone. Anyway, it was a small issue, solved quickly.

    By: no garlic no onion
  • LVD, Latest Version Diner

    I usually go to Roadster for late breakfasts on Sunday but I decided to give LVD Diner a try yesterday. LVD (Latest Version Diner) is an American diner located in Dbayeh next to Chopsticks and Shtrumpf that serves breakfast, burgers and steaks. It’s been open since February 2012 and is doing well from what I’ve been heard from some friends.

    By: blog baladi