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Al Aytam Library

Haret Hreyk, Beirut, Lebanon

Al Aytam Library, a retailer of stationery, academic

books and copy center services. Our aim is delivering

good quality products at reasonable prices.

School equipments Office equipment Photocopying Toys outdoor Stationary Garden toys Books Playground equipments Schools Back to school Kindergartens Garderies

Bissan for Publishing, Distribution & Information

Gandhi st, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon

تأسست عام 1985 وتعتبر من أكبر مكتبات الكتب العربية في العالم العربي.

في رصيد دار نشر بيسان 600 كتاب من طباعتها و توزيعها و تحتوي على

أكثر من 100000 عنوان لمختلف دور النشر و من مختلف المواضي

Halabi Bookshop

Kaskas st, Ras el Nabeh, Beirut, Lebanon

A bookshop with endless waves of books,

magazines, encyclopedias, archives of

all kinds, subjects and languages.

La Phénicie, Librairie

Horsh Tabet, Sin el Fil, Beirut, Lebanon

La librairie La Phenicie “fete ses 50 ans” 1968-2018.

Specialisee en Jeunesse,Scolaire et Pedagogie,les

Ateliers,Animations et Rencontres d’auteurs,

d’illustrateurs sont sa passion.

Librairie Antoine

Sin el Fil, Beirut, Lebanon

Librairie Antoine is a chain of 15 bookstores,
Major leaders in Lebanon and the Middle East.
Established in 1933.

Hisham Ghanem & Co

Tripoli bvd, Tripoli, North Lebanon

A la Une, Librairie

A. W. Inglizi st, Sodeco, Beirut, Lebanon