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Baydoun for Chairs Rental

Haret Hreyk, Beirut, Lebanon

Rental: Chairs - Tables - Draperies -
Sound - Light For all occasions..

Less DB

Beit Mery, North Mount-Lebanon

Long experience in providing audio and lighting solutions

for events, installations, equip. maintenance & repair. 

We are the distributors for L’acoustics and Radial Engineering.

L’acoustics Radial Engineering Events Weddings

M.S.P. Lighting

Sahel Alma, Jounieh, Kesserwan - Jbeil, Lebanon

360 Degrees

Ajaltoun, Kesserwan, Kesserwan - Jbeil

All Tech

Semkaniyeh, Beiteddine, South Mount-Lebanon

Asabmi Group

Delb, Bikfaya, North Mount-Lebanon