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J. Makhlouf Fast Food

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  • J. Makhlouf Fast Food

    Dora, Beirut, Lebanon



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  • J. Makhlouf Fast Food

    His name is Walid Makhlouf and he is the most unconventional restaurateur ever. He is the man standing behind his shining counter rolling a sandwich at a time, a smile on his face, happy to serve his clientele who come here for an experience, not only a sandwich. He is Walid Makhlouf son of Joseph (J.Makhlouf), the cleanest of chefs, enjoying his time down on Bourj Hammoud in a small shop two men can barely fit in. The grill is as bright as a mirror, he cleans and cleans again by the second. Speedy, sandwiches are delivered so quickly you don't have time to think. Walid is a music lover as well. Jazz tunes play in the background adding fun and enjoyment to the place. Want to be sure of the cleanliness, ask to see the kitchen.

    By: no garlic no onion