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  • Bike Safety & Maintenance Tips

    Safety for motorcycle riders

    Your motorcycle riding gear probably has been made to enhance your safety, you always ride with a helmet, and maybe your motorcycle has ABS. You would almost forget that those measures can only make a small difference in how safe you are, compared with the influence of your own riding behaviour.

    Motorcycle riding means that you take full responsibility for your own safety, for instance by learning to anticipate on mistakes of other people on the road. Anticipating mistakes of other people and reacting with the right behaviour is totally different from only thinking that you were right and the other was wrong...

    By: Lazy motor bike
  • Bike Safety & Maintenance Tips

    Nothing feels quite like finding the perfect bike. As the weather continues to warm up (in between these nasty storms), more people are choosing to ride a motorcycle for the first time. This is great, but when you’re a new rider, there’s a lot of information to take in. In order to help keep you, and everybody else on the road who you're riding around, we’ve compiled a list of the basic things you need to keep in mind before you twist the throttle for the first time. Above all, we hope you’ll do two things for many years after your first time: have fun, and ride safe. Read on for Everything First-Time Motorcycle Riders Need to Know

    By: Complex